Concentrate on the Tight Spots

Want to get the best stretch for your body? Check out my article in the Salt Lake Tribune on stretching to fine tune your routine.

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How to Avoid Golf-Related Injuries

The following article is authored by Lia Wodraska, BodyWise Personal Trainer, certified CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. A link to the  original text can be found here:   It’s March, the time of year when — just like spring bulbs — golfers emerge from their winter shelters with fantasies of a blooming game. It also means an increase in golf-related injuries, namely in the low back, wrist, elbow and shoulder. But many injuries can be prevented with proper stretching. While nongolfers may think the sport is just a walk in the park, golf is physically taxing on the body. The average male golfer swings a club between 80 and 90 mph; female golfers swing 60 to 70 mph. At that speed — and done repeatedly for several hours — it’s important to be able to rotate your body sufficiently. If not, an injury is inevitable. Injury prone » If your shoulders [...]

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