Group Fitness

BodyWise Fitness offers over 70 classes per week to help build your endurance, confidence and fitness level. Each class can be tailored so you can work at your own pace and our nationally recognized and certified instructors will motivate you to reach your fitness goals. >VIEW CLASS SCHEDULE.


Barre Wise

Barre Wise is a toning and muscular endurance class that integrates the use of a Ballet barre, Bender Balls, small hand weights and/or resistance bands. This class integrates a movement vocabulary expanded from basic Ballet barre and sculpting exercises. As varied ranges of motion are explored, you will gain muscle tone, range of motion and muscular endurance!


Burn & Tone

Burn & Tone is a low-impact workout designed to push your heart rate and tone your entire body with the use of light hand weights for upper body conditioning and varied lower body challenges. This class is easy to follow, intense, effective and FUN!

Burn & Tone + Ball

Burn & Tone + Ball gives you 45 minutes of our Burn & Tone format followed by 20 minutes of core conditioning with a resist-a- ball. With the ball, your core will be challenged with reactive core training, stabilizing and mobilizing the core 360 degrees!

Cardio Challenge

slider-instructorsCardio Challenge is for all fitness levels and is guaranteed to improve cardiovascular endurance and athletic performance. Cardio Challenge is BUTT KICKIN’ FUN as you progress through body-weight and free-weight based exercises and sport agility drills!

Core Fusion

Core Fusion uses concentrated core moves fused with props designed to strengthen & lengthen the entire body from the core out.


Definition is an easy to follow total body sculpting class. By integrating exercises using varying equipment (dumbbells, steps, bands & balls) you will lunge, plank and curl your way to improved muscular tone, strength and endurance.

Definition Plus +

Definition Plus is an easy to follow total body sculpting class with bursts of cardio to make your heart and lungs happy! By integrating exercises using varying equipment (dumbbells, steps, bands & balls) you will lunge, plank and curl your way to improved muscular tone, strength and endurance.


HIGH Fitness

HIGH Fitness is a fun, high intensity class with easy to follow choreography ranging from kickboxing, hi/low to hip hop combined with plyometric intervals (jump squats, burpees, etc) and full-body toning!

HIIT & Core 

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) & Core will optimize every minute of your workout as you increase your cardiovascular fitness, gain strength, improve agility, and boost your metabolism! This is a 45 min class including a 5 min warm up and 25 min of alternating bursts of high intensity exercises with varied recovery periods. Intervals ranging from Tabata to Max Interval Training. Class concludes with 10 min of core exercises and a 5 min cool down.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling is taken to a whole new level with this cardio workout on our new Schwinn A.C. Performance Bike with MPower consoles. An exhilarating workout with a complimentary blend of coaching by the instructor in fundamentals of Power Wattage, RPM’s, Time, Distance, Terrain and Mind/Body Dimensional Cueing all set to fun and motivating music!!

JLA Kicks

JLA Kicks is  a fun, high energy cardio workout incorporating kickboxing with creative choreography.

Kickbox & Sculpt

Kickbox & Sculpt is a fun cardiovascular workout that blends mixed martial arts (such as Karate, Muay Thai and Thai Kwon Do) with boxing. Heart pumping combos are intervaled with sculpting segments using dumbbell and/or bodyweight exercises.

Movimiento Mat

Movimiento Mat combines the essential elements from a variety of training disciplines into a single class, allowing you to rely on the strength and control of your own body to build and tone your muscles. It is a unique sequence of exercises drawing from footwork in classical dance, yoga poses, and Pilates moves (to name just a few) to challenge your body.


SilverSneakers is the nation’s leading well-being program designed exclusively for people with Medicare. Class program consists of SilverSneakers Classic, SilverSneakers Circuit, SilverSneakers Yoga and SilverSneakers CardioFit. (Please refer to our on line Schedule for class descriptions.)

While most Medicare-eligible adults are at least 65 years of age, some are younger and have been declared eligible due to health conditions. Healthways partners with Medicare plans, Medicare Supplement carriers and group retiree plans to offer the SilverSneakers Fitness Program as a benefit to their members.

Step Challenge

Step Challenge is a step class with creative choreography at a high intensity. Designed to get your heart rate up and keep it at a steady pace for the duration of the class.

Urban Flow

Urban Flow with Camilo is a rhythmic dance journey! Camilo’s musicality, rhythm and amazing sense of movement progression will get you moving from a basic march to a full on dance groove! …And of course, plenty of Latin flare


Yoga strives to improve your balance and flexibility while increasing your muscular strength all while learning special relaxation techniques. BodyWise Fitness offers Yoga classes for all abilities and experience levels.



Zumba is a Latin-inspired “fitness party” that blends international dance beats with aerobic dance moves to create an energizing and effective workout sure to leave you smiling!