Small Group Training: TRX, BootCamp and Pilates Reformer Classes!

pilates deck

Working with a trainer doesn’t have to be a lonely proposition. BodyWise also offers small group training programs that focus on specific types of training that can be optimal in a small group setting like Pilates Reformer, TRX and Bootcamp programs.

With over 25 classes per week to choose from, all taught by our fabulous staff, you are guaranteed to take your fitness level to new heights.


BootCamp is a full-body workout with intense circuits that will push you off your fitness plateau! This workout will define your body from head to toe, build power and punish calories.  Who would have thought plyometrics, pull ups, burpees and kettle bell swings could be so much fun! Our BootCamp team keep it fun and personal. Class size limited to 12.

Pilates Group Reformer

Pilates Group Reformer is performed with an apparatus using springs and pulleys to facilitate moving more efficiently with increased coordination, strength and mobility. Whether you’re interested in long lean muscles or decreasing joint pain- this is a class for you!

Pilates Group Reformer 101

Pilates Group Reformer 101 is our introductory class to Group Reformer.  If you are a newbie or even a reformer veteran who wants to fine tune the fundamentals!


TRX is suspension bodyweight training developed by Navy Seals. Straps anchored from the ceiling are your tool to facilitate your fitness challenge! TRX will build true functional strength and improve flexibility, balance and core stability all at once…whew!


Yes, this is the double whammy– TRX + BootCamp. You do the math!