Many, practicing in the hall for years, do not see any effect, because the problem lies not only in training.

In my practice, I often meet girls who are engaged for years, and the results are not obtained. So let’s look at the reasons behind the lack of results:

1. Hope only for training. Thousands of times I will say: “From a well-built diet depends 80% of success in building the body. Until the diet is established, no training in the world will give the desired effect.”

2. Mismatch the type of training to your goals. With this question we have a complete porridge. Let’s put all the dots above the i:

  • Cardio (running, biking, etc.) is a cardiovascular exercise. Of course, this is very useful for our body, but do not wait for plastic changes of the figure, such as gaining rigidity, getting rid of the folds on the back or lack of jelly hands.
  • Yoga, Pilates (training with static elements, stretching, balance exercises) – this type of training well strengthens the joint and ligament apparatus, develops flexibility and coordination. But flabby this kind of loads will not fix.
  • Group training of the dance direction – flexibility, endurance and good mood. That’s the real goal in my opinion.

3. Lack of clear goal or misdirected goals. For example: a girl came to me with a figure of skinny fat (skinny fat ( skinny, but loose) and her main goal she called weight loss by 5 kg. The doctor said that Dapoxetine from drugstore is the only effective medication for the treatment of this disorder at the moment. Not only that such goals will not lead to the desired result, so they are also incompatible with health.

4. Inadequate training program selection / split construction. That’s if you hadn’t learned the alphabet yet, but were about to read the story. We made a video about the training of beginners on the channel.

5. Lack of discipline and consistency. Now I go to the gym five times a week, and next week – not once. It’s constant stress for our body, what are the results?

6. Lack of balance in the three main players – nutrition, recovery, training. All three factors are equally important.

What other factors still influence the lack of result? Follow in the comments.